Saturday, 30 August 2014

New In: Shooting Stars Press

I think these are probably the first wrestling zines that we've received at the zine library, but hopefully not the last! Each 24 page risograph printed issue focuses on a theme and there are loads of cool articles and illustrations and things, including a biography of Mankind/Dude Love/Mick Foley, complete with slightly terrifying illustration.

Check out the Shooting Star Press website for more info.

New In: All to Nah Fanzine

All to Nah is the long running fanzine of German non-league football club Altona 93. It's inspired by the concept of Die Weltb├╝hne and is read by supporters and non-supporters from around the world. 

While the majority of articles are written in German, the zine occasionally receives submissions from English speaking fans of the club. It collated these English language articles to create a special English version, and they've been kind enough to send us a copy of this, plus the latest issue in German.

Friday, 29 August 2014

New In: The Chapess #4

The brilliant Cherry Styles edited The Chapess now has a fourth issue (it's a special 26 page A4 edition), and we've got a copy of it in the library now! It includes contributions from the following people:

Aimee Wall
Alexis Gross
Kara Jesella
Sara Sutterlin
Daisy Lafarge
Liz Kinnamon
Stella Lueng
Sarah Todd
Grace Denton
Jesse Riggins
Lauren Crow
Charlotte Mellor Meecham
Alice Slater
Beth Maiden
Anneliese Mackintosh
Charly Morris
Hannah Buckman
Cherry Styles

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

New In: Lovely Little Nutmegs #3

"The third issue of Lovely Little Nutmegs, a zine which takes snippets of football commentary and turns them into verse. Illustrated with vintage football stamps unearthed from Rotherham Market."

Just in time for the new football season, Lovely Little Nutmegs are back with their third issue! 

New In: Coming Home

Coming Home, a newspaper format photography zine, explores the relationship its creator, as a queer person, has with the town he grew up in. Contains loads of bloody lovely photos.

Coming soon to the zine library from the same author, PHQ-9. Check out the website for more details:

New In: Elderflower #1

A super good perzine by a super good person!

"This is my perzine Elderflower. I formally wrote Elderflower Tea but I was unhappy with it's direction. Elderflower is an honest look into my life. No more hiding behind rose tinted glasses.

In this issue I talk about my hopes for 2014, depression and adjusting to life as a spoonie, self care, and my heart break which occurred as I was finishing the issue.

Written on my corona typewriter, adorned with stickers, printed on black & white & just 16 pages."

Keep checking to see when copies become available. Or just pop into the library and have a look here!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Chapess Zine #5 Launch

We're dead excited to be hosting the launch for the new issue of the Chapess Zine!

Issue 5 features poetry, prose, illustration + photography by Jessie Askinazi, Sara Sutterlin, Suxy X, Inma Lorente, Lauren Cook, Ele-Beth Little, Gabby Guiliano, Cheyenne Sophia and more! Zines will be available on the day to buy and swap as well as info on how to get involved with our next issue.

Drop in for zine making with Cherry Styles in 'the nook' at Nexus Art Cafe from 12pm-5pm and pay a visit to the Zine Library while you're here! Materials provided, but feel free to bring along anything you want to use. Suitable for beginners and zine pros alike - bring your friends!

Find out more about the zine at or tweet us @thechapesszine. There's a Facebook event page HERE for you to share with all your friends.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New In: Nothing Really Mattress/Speaking Ill of the Dead and Am I a Stick Man? by Stephen James

We're slowly working through a backlog of zines here! There'll be loads to come on the blog in the next couple of weeks, I promise. These two, by Manchester based writer Stephen James, have jumped the queue because we wanted to tell you about a nice event you can go to that he'll be reading/launching his new self published book at.

You can also see Salford Zine Library favourite Zach Roddis there and there's some bands playing too. Best of all, it's free! Pop along, why don't you.

You might also have seen a bit of buzz about there being a Northwest Zinefest in November. There'll be more details announced soon so keep your eyes peeled! Follow @nwzinefest for all the latest news. Also, if you have loads of chairs and tables that you can let us borrow for the day, get in touch.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New In: Loads of Yuck 'n Yums!

We were dead chuffed to receive a big bag full of Yuck 'n Yums the other day. Yuck 'n Yum consistently produced ace zines between 2008 and 2013 and here they all are in no particular order. Drop in to the zine library and have a look or, if that's not convenient, you can read them all online here.

Thanks for sending these, guys! 

Monday, 28 July 2014

New In: You

We have got loads of issues of You! Some are already on the shelves in the library, but here are some issues that have come in recently (Mostly from our friend Anne who lives in Japan). According to its Zine Wiki entry, "You takes the form of a free anonymous letter addressed to you from various writers, usually handwritten, often sealed in a paper bag, published by Luke You. The letter is often signed off 'from Luke' but may also be written by different people."

Sunday, 22 June 2014

New In: Nous Magazine #3: The Renaissance Issue

I think I picked this very nicely printed risograph zine up at Takk the other day. The blurb on their Facebook says:

"NOUS is a Manchester based project dealing with all what lies within but often is covered up. It is about the things we try to hide and should say out loud. NOUS is you, your friends and the stranger in the streets.

We will give young creatives a platform for their inspiring work and also make mind culture and everything that comes with it gain centre stage in our everyday life again."

New In: Some zines by zine-it-yourself!

You might remember that we took the zine library collection to Darlington a few weeks ago. We'll have a more in-depth blog post about that in a week or so, when we've sorted through the photos and things like that.

Mike from zine-it-yourself was kind enough to second weekend of the exhibition at the shop in Darlington doing a really fun looking observational typewriting thing which was very popular, by all accounts. You can read his blog post about it here.

He also posted us some zines that he'd made last year, and here they are! They're in the library right now, so pop in and have a look. There's lots of illustrations and comics and words and things like that in them.

New In: Loads of zines

Here's another big bundle of zines that have been donated to us recently! Thanks so much for sending these in. They're already on the shelves for you to read so pop in and have a look. There hasn't been a count of the collection recently and it'd be interesting to see just how many we have now. 

We're hoping to get the shelving improved a little bit in the near future so when we have to clear the shelves we'll probably have a little count. Maybe we could have some kind of competition?